Arm Holding My Flat Screen

This is great. A monitor arm that is clamped on the back of the table. It makes my flat screen fly over the table. I can move it easily, using one or both hands. That allows me to adjust the screen to a lot of positions.

When working on the PC, I move the screen in front of me, slightly reclined. Sometimes I even turn it by 90 degrees and my wide screen becomes a narrow screen. This eases reading long text passages.

When doing paperwork, I simply push back the keyboard. Because there is no monitor stand, I have enough room for both keyboard and a large folder. I can even continue to look on the screen, because it’s flying above the desktop.

I really enjoy having more space on my work table and the ergonomic comfort of a monitor arm. I recommend the Ergotron MX Desk Mount LCD Arm, it is robust and flexible. I assume it will survive a while, because its specifications allow me to upgrade to a larger screen later.

Arm holding my flat screen

— on 06 February 2009. Permalink.